We are eagerly awaiting the global economic reset that will bring back gold as the foundation of money. Here is a link to our blog. Here is a link to our About.me profile, which has links to our social media profiles.

Our aim is simply to educate the public about gold so that they can make more informed decisions about it. The reality is, there is a lot of bias and misinformation about gold precisely because it is in the interest of some people to try to down-talk its importance so that they will put their money into competing products, such as stocks or fiat currencies. However, we believe that our readers should also educate themselves on views that are at odds with ours in order to make the most informed decisions about precious metals and monetary policy. Even those you disagree with may at times have a valid point — truth is sometimes in the middle, especially when it comes to monetary policy.

The fact is, with fiat currencies and massive money printing all throughout the world, we are in uncharted waters. The reason why mainstream pundits who downplay the role of gold — as an asset and a form of financial or economic insurance — should be taken with a grain of salt is because there are no reference points in history from which to draw absolute conclusions based on the novel types of financial engineering taking place among the world’s central banks. However, one conclusion can be drawn based on history and even current events: gold is, and always will be, a form of money due to its unique attributes.

At bare minimum, gold accumulation can be a store of wealth and hobby for investors. Buying gold is also a way for investors to empower themselves by hedging against the potential pitfalls of a monetary order established by global financial elites and corporations.